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Matrix Golf was first established in 1996 as a local golf research and development R&D company. It is based in Singapore Over the years, we have conducted a series of golf research in the field of Bio-mechanics and theory of weight transfer for golf swings along with equipment.

Early this year, we completed the full range of research for power swings. Besides, we have also developed a series of basic, advanced and professional ChiefEssays.Net golf swings for both the short game and long game. We are now embarking on a series of publication of golf books to share with beginners and golfers on the knowledge and skills for the golf game and golf swings. The books are for basic, advanced and professional golf swings.The range of golf books and publication schedule is attached.

Apart from the R&D, our company is also able to provide the following consultancy services.

  • Golf course design and upgrading project
  • Golf equipment design and development
  • Golf Training service

We also welcome the services from our customers and international distributors and dealers for selling our range of golf books. Besides, we also welcome third party golf books for sale in this web platform on-line. Golfers are also russian brides for marriage encouraged to contribute or share any golf articles or photos related to the golf game and golf swings. Lastly, we hope to use this website to conduct golf lectures, golf training and web-based courses in time to come If you have any great ideal to share, do drop us an email.

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Our Consultancy Services

Golf course design & Up-grading project

Golf equipment design & Development

Golf Training service

Selling Golf Books